Welcome to Brantford COPA 148

We Meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 7:00pm
Everyone is welcome!
We are back to meeting in person 🙂

Introductory 1st Flight in a Small Aircraft

Saturday Sept. 16, 2023 (Rain date Sunday Sept. 17)

Mission – Vision – Values

Mission: To promote general aviation in our Brantford and surrounding community making it
fun and available for everyone.
Vision: All for Flight
Values: Fellowship – Engage in fun social events.
Safety – Actively promote general aviation safety in all of our aviation endeavours.
Group Learning and Mentoring – Share skills, experiences and resources.
Partnering – Utilize and share resources with other aviation groups and organizations
to advance the skills and interests of our members.
Welcoming – Invite all pilots, owners and aviation enthusiasts to our group


About Us..


Brantford COPA Flight 148 is the local chapter of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association in the Brantford, Ontario area. The Flight was founded in 2007 to create an additional venue  for sharing aviation interests, camaraderie, adventures and concerns among local pilots, owners and aviation enthusiasts in the area.

Many of our members are also active members of the Brantford Flying Club which was established in 1929 and is one of the oldest Flying Clubs in Canada. We enjoy the blessing of large areas of uncontrolled airspace for our local recreational and training flights, as well as the added safety shield of full Air Traffic Control within 30 minutes. We welcome everyone interested in Aviation to attend our airborne interests, knowledge, and adventures. It is also an opportunity for that ever important “Hanger Talk”. So come on out and join us! We promise to make you feel welcome!


Brantford COPA Flight 148 meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meetings usually start at 1900 hours(7:00pm) and during the summer months we usually kick things off with a tasty free BBQ at 6:00pm. 


Meetings are usually held in the Terminal Building of the Brantford Municipal Airport. Our gracious hosts are the Brantford Flying Club, but check the listings for the next meeting to see if it well be at a field location.


Brantford COPA 148 meetings usually feature guest speakers of interest to aviators of all kinds. We also do tours of aviation facilities, do fly-outs and day-trips by air. Check the upcoming events listings for more information.


All aviators and those interested in flying are welcome to join Brantford COPA Flight 148 members fly all kinds of aircraft from ultra lights, owner maintained aircraft, amateur built, and certified aircraft. Plan to come out to our next get-together!


History & Facts About The Brantford Airport

The Brantford Municipal Airport has a rich history that dates back to as early as 1929. The facility was first founded by the Brant-Norfolk Aero Club (known today as the Brantford Flying Club) in response to a grant offered by the Federal Government. The grant promised to supply two airplanes to any responsible flying club that would train pilots and operate an airfield. Although today the airport is located on Airport Road in Brant County, its original location was on King George Road (then known as St. George Road) and Fairview Drive – an intersection presently known to be one of Brantford’s busiest.

On November 11, 1940 the airport opened at its present site to support the World War II effort. The facility then, was primarily used for air force flight training and, at its peak, was home to about 600 aircraft, most of them military. After the war, the military moved out and the City of Brantford requested that the Brantford Flying Club take over management of the airport.

On April 27, 1970, after decades of Crown ownership, the airport lands were officially conveyed from the Crown to the Corporation of City of Brantford, on the condition that:

The Corporation not dispose of the airport lands; but it can sell, lease or dispose of airport buildings;

The Corporation not use or permit to be used the land for purposes other than airport purposes;

In the event the Corporation allows the land to be used for purposes other than airport uses, the land will revert back to the Crown.

Over the next three decades the airport has become a valuable part of Brantford’s infrastructure and economic development. It has been home to various on-site industries and served as a gateway linking Brantford’s local businesses to other markets. The airport has also been used as a training ground for new aviators and a place where recreational pilots can enjoy their hobby of flying.

The airport has seen many improvements throughout the years. The 1984 runway extension was most significant, as it was completed in preparation for a visit by the Queen Elizabeth to present a communion set to the Chapel of the Mohawks. This extension lengthened the 05/23 runway from 4000′ to 5000′, the size it remains today.

In 2008 the City of Brantford invested 2.3 million dollars to rebuild two of the runways, 05/23 and 35/17. The runways are in excellent condition and have received compliments from pilots from around the country. Presently, the Brantford Municipal Airport is operated by the City of Brantford’s Property Management Department and managed by the Brantford Flying Club. It continues to serve a number of different industries such as general aviation enthusiasts, aviators-in-training and the business community. The airport is also host to the annual Rotary Brantford Charity Airshow, a crowd-pleaser that features acts including the legendary Snowbirds and the Canadian Forces Skyhawks.

* Reprinted with the kind permission of the Brantford Airport.

About Brantford Flying Club

The Brantford Flying Club is Canada’s oldest flying club formed in 1929. Our fleet includes Cessna 152s, 172s & 172RG

The Brantford Flight Centre is operated by the Brantford Flying Club, which is one of Canada’s oldest established Flying Clubs, having been formed in 1929. Now located on the former site of Commonwealth Flying Training Base No. 5, the Centre has excellent facilities for Flight Training, not the least being the three hard surfaced runways, a legacy from wartime service.

The Flying Club has well over two hundred members, a fleet of Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s, Cessna 172RG and aircraft, a modern, well equipped maintenance facility, well appointed office, school and recreational premises and Restaurant service is available in the club dining room from 8:00AM to 2:00PM daily.

Aircraft are available for rental, charter, or contract aerial patrols. Aviation fuel and maintenance are available to locally based and transient aircraft as required and Flying Club facilities are open to the public.


110 Aviation Ave Brantford Ontario Canada N3T 5L7

Contact Us

Brantford Flying Club Phone :  1 519 753 2521